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09lSEP29-cP1070014 AntCrownI figured this sign was not meant for me. Some private joke or invitation, but still I was intrigued. Sat 1st? Yes, I got that – the previous Saturday was August 1st. Queen Street? King Street? Crown Street? No streets of that name anywhere near this spot, the corner of Ross and Hereford Streets, Forest Lodge (Glebe). And as for the upbeat insect?  No idea.


A month later I found an answer of sorts in Cleveland Street, Surry Hills, some three or four kilometres away. A notice chalked in the same hand for Surry Hills Markets, always held in Crown Street on the first Saturday of the month. So the notice in Glebe was meant for me … and everyone else. But I still don’t get the ant.

09lSEP29-cP1070113 CrownStMkt


  1. Bob Kerns 29 September 2009

    Flea market?

  2. megan 30 September 2009

    Thanks Bob for this inspired explanation. As an ex-entomologist, I guess I was hung up on anatomical correctness.

  3. Barb Moritz 28 December 2009

    Hi Megan – could the signwriter be addressing his special auntie(s)?

  4. megan 28 December 2009

    Only if he has an American accent, Barb.

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