Parkour in Macquarie Street

Macquarie Visions is a series of light installations on buildings in Sydney that “celebrate the 200th anniversary of Australian visionaries Governor Lachlan and Elizabeth Macquarie – the ultimate Sydney power couple” as part of the Vivid Sydney Festival.

We went along to have a look one night last week when the rain had abated, but as we watched the coloured words and pictures play over the façade of the Conservatorium of Music, I realised we were standing on what was, to me, a more interesting piece of text – Parkour is sexy. It was not easy to photograph in the dark with my little camera, but I had to have it. Pavement graffiti this large is unusual in the centre of the city.

How long ago was it painted? Was it done to celebrate some parkour event? And the big question – is parkour really sexy? For whom – the perpetrators or the spectators?

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  1. Richard 21 June 2010


    I practice Parkour frequently around Macquarie. 99% of the traceurs (practitioners of Parkour) would not graphite the spots in which they train.

    It was more likely someone who has only trained once or twice, or an onlooker that has written this.

    We avoid damaging our environments to avoid the “rep” that skateboarding has.

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