Autumn leaves

09nNOV11-cP1070398 VancouverLeafHow quaint, I thought. Someone has etched an autumn leaf in wet cement on the sidewalk. Then I noticed another, and then a whole slew of them under an almost bare street tree.

On many blocks along Seymour Street in Downtown Vancouver it is permanently autumn, thanks to these almost inconspicuous installations that must have been put in place when the sidewalks were paved in the late 1990s.

09nNOV11-cP1070404 VancouverLeaves blogVancouver has many examples of street art, most of it official, some of it unofficial (though, as you would expect, graffiti mostly occurs at the fringes of Downtown, not in the centre).


  1. dimitrios kianidis 8 July 2011

    Hello Megan. I am interested in your pictures of graffiti on pavement cement. I have just completed a book on the same subject (not a published book) and in my area alone, one suburb, I’ve collected over 120 images of graffiti. The text is quite interesting and occasionally I find an imprint or a design, like your leaf, for example. A quirky subject matter for a book but very interesting study of local history at the micro level. I like the leaf design. If I work out how to do it, I might post a couple of mine on the web.

  2. megan 18 July 2011

    Thanks Dimitrios
    I would love to see your pictures. Let me know if you post any. Of if your book gets published.

  3. pete mclean 11 May 2012

    Hi Megan – what a great blog!, I’m loving it. Thanks for your comment on Art Out and About. I’m enjoying your broad approach to the signs and symbols of the pavement. I’ve added a couple of links to some of my older posts you’ll enjoy from a time when I was much more focussed on the pavement, like this one
    which relates to your own autumn leaves above, or this one
    an example of some of the work I was doing on pavements back then. Haven’t been doing them much lately, but I will again one day.
    Well thanks again for your comment and your blog.

  4. Robert 15 October 2023

    I love the fact that this art inspired my favorite billy talent song

  5. megan 16 October 2023

    I didn’t know that. Thanks!

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