06cAPR18-cP1000935 GoatStartAfter the crowds have cleared the traces remain. The numbers on the road mark the starting line for the annual Great Goat Race in the main street of Lightning Ridge, NSW. The photograph was taken the day after, on Easter Sunday 2006.

The marked starting boxes are the only orderly thing about the event. With kids as jockeys and goats having minds of their own, the races are chaotic, smelly and funny.06cAPR18-cP1000849 GoatCart


  1. Brian Crozier 5 January 2010

    Hi Megan
    Found this while checking out your site where I originally went for the Christmas greetings. I was intrigued by the news of Lightning Ridge’s goat races. There are still a number of places in Queensland where goat races are a feature, and there’s a lot in Faye’s book not only on goat races but also on the whole history of goats (and their owners) in Queensland (Faye Schutt, The indispensable goat, Central Queensland University Press 2002)
    Brian Crozier

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