Now here’s a colourfully interesting grouping of pavement and close-to-pavement graffiti in Enmore. A gnomish amputee in paper, a soda siphon stencil, a cement cast – presumably by guerrilla artist Numb – and mauve crowns and circles. Mauve is an unusual colour for pavement graffiti and not particularly distinct on the mottled concrete. Did Numb add these embellishments to his own work or was the violet (not violent) spray-painter an admirer who came along afterwards?


  1. erikajoy 14 May 2010

    Nosey In Newtown indicates the remotes probably were not coloured when they were put in back in 2008 My guess is someone vandalised it after realising that they were never going to be able to get it off the concrete. Impressed this remote is still around though!

  2. megan 16 May 2010

    You may be right about the spray painter, erikajoy, but I choose to think that the enmauvement is homage rather than vandalism. I also think Mr Numb has been active since Nosey first sniffed him out in 2008. Anyway, this corner has evolved even in the month since I took these photos. Check out my next post.

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